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MDQ > DKX 05-25-05

B52 Model    11-30-05


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Online Videos

Vans Airforce, Doug Reeves

Team RV, Atlanta GA

Dave Richardson

Jay Hagwell

Danny King / Doug Reeves

Team RV Video Clip 1

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Team RV Video Clip 5

Team RV Yahuna’s Super 8

N703RV Video Clip 1

N703RV Video Clip 2

N703RV Video Clip 3

N703RV Video Clip 4

N703RV Video Clip 5

N714D Dan Checkoway 03-30-04

N714D Dan Checkoway 01-01-05

N714D Dan Checkoway 01-11-05

N714D Dan Checkoway 01-12-05

N714D Dan Checkoway 01-16-05

N714D Dan Checkoway 01-18-05

N714D Dan Checkoway 01-30-05

N714D Dan Checkoway 02-04-05

N714D Dan Checkoway 03-04-05

N714D Dan Checkoway 03-12-05

N714D Dan Checkoway 03-25-05

N714D Dan Checkoway 03-31-05

N714D Dan Checkoway 04-08-05

N174JL Jack Lockamy  First Flight

Memorial Day > Chiraco
Lunch > 29 Palms

Breakfast > California City

First Flight - 682CR Vans RV9

Tribute to Ralph Morgan  08-08-05

VansAirforce RV Formation 08-22-05

Walter Tondu RV 1st Flight  08-22-05

Walter Tondu RV 2nd Flight 09-22-05

Jim & Brent Headberg RV-10 10-06-05

RV Formation Flight at Nellis AFB

Alphajets and Mirages

Ride in a B17


SoCal RV videos

Home Page to videos

Precision Parking

Precision Pitchout

(more) Precision Pitchout

Precision DoubleV

Precision Cluster

Precision Arrow


Trikes in mountains of S. Africa

The arrival at the airfield, [4.3 mb]
Top of the Mountain 11,000 ft [7.1 mb]
Some scenery around the berg [7.5 mb]
Awesome clouds and light. [11.6 mb]


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Robert J. Miller - Adventures in Flight


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Spruce 1-887-477-7823
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 Wag Aero 1-800-558-6868
 Piper Parts 1-800-262-4953
 Preferred Air Parts 1-800-433-0814
 Southern Aviation 1-888-491-4461
 Dodson 1-785-878-4000
 Aircraft Supply 1-800-569-9397
 J. T. Evans 1-407-843-4547
 Central Oregon Airframe 1-541-997-3610
 Atlanta Air Salvage 1-800-237-8831
 Central Air Parts 1-618-635-3252
 Air Salvage of Dallas 1-800-336-6399
 US Air Salvage 1-800-849-8692
 Eastway Salvage 1-800-882-9646
 Deer Park Salvage 1-800-826-4771
 Quality Aircraft Salvage 1-800-752-6399
 Surprise Valley Aviation 1-530-279-2111
 Faeth AC Salvage 1-916-368-1832
 White Industries INC 1-800-821-7733
 EMPARTS 1-800-444-3305




Stark Avionics  706-321-1008

Merlin’s Avionics  BNA 615-305-1186

Lowe Aviation  MCN  478-788-3491


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