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                               A complete index to columns of Max Grogan


Mountain Air, North Carolina                                                                        1007

First I saw sand bunkers on the golf course.  Then the runway flashed below.  I turned right and set up a downwind leg at a heading of 140 degrees.  Looking out below my right wing I did not see the airport again until I was past it a bit.  By this time the gear was coming down as I prepared to turn onto the base leg of the landing approach.  The approach end of the runway appeared from behind trees as I was midway through the base leg.  I thought how different this was from most landings.

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Osh Kosh, B’Gosh, A Pilot’s Dream                                                              0807

As I taxied to the west I realized I was approaching AeroShell Square.  This is the very center of the field on the west side.  This area is reserved for the most important planes on display for the week or any given day.  There might be the latest military fighter plane or space ship for example.  The tug arrived and pulled me into the center of the display.  Here I was for the first time and, although by accident, I was parked in AeroShell Square!  My plane was parked among the Very Important Planes.

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Why My Engine Failed                                                                                      0107

It was visibly obvious, through the hole in the engine case, the connecting rod of the number four cylinder had seized on the crankshaft, but not why.  When the rod seized, welding itself and its bearings to the crank, it was under power.  As the crank rotated, the rod, unable to rotate around its bearings, was broken in half. 

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Direction of the Day, Angel Flight Mission 062645                                      1206

Fourteen years ago my wife and I struggled to cope with our daughter's losing battle with leukemia. We learned a lot about coping during that experience. Through accident or serendipitous misfortune many must cope with life changing events and struggle to live and regain good health. Some do not survive long term. We survivors with good health can provide a small measure of comfort. Those of us who fly can do this by giving of our time and resources in various ways. Angel Flight is one way I choose to help those less fortunate than I. 

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Bliss in “Bahabba”                                                                                           1106

The weather for our departure day was absolutely perfect.  The air was clear and hardly a cloud was forecast between Knoxville and Bar Harbor.  In addition, winds aloft forecasts predicted a strong tailwind for the entire trip.  Winds at 9,000 feet were forecast to be from 310 degrees at 85 knots.  We lifted off at around 10:00 A.M. on a heading of 54 degrees. 

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Key West to Quillayute                                                                                    0706

Soon we were put into queue with a large gaggle of Alaskan Airlines and Northwest Airlines planes, mostly big Airbusses and Boeings, all of us headed for the ILS to runway 16R.  The controller asked me to keep up maximum speed for trailing traffic and I did.  We broke out of the clouds at about 2000' AGL. 

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These Things Always Happen to Other People                                             0706

The engine in my Beechcraft Bonanza shuddered with a mild, then stronger vibration, and within three seconds something inside it shattered. With a bang, a fist-sized hole was created at the top of my Continental IO-520BB engine's case near where the #4 piston connects to the crank. The propeller came to a sudden complete stop. Then it got VERY, VERY quiet.

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Yes Dear, the Water Really is That Color                                                      0306

As Bobbi stood by the car and alternately gazed toward the Atlantic to the south and the Gulf to the north she exclaimed: "Oh Max, just look at the beautiful colors of the water!". I smiled and replied: "Yes dear, the water really is that color you saw in the photograph, and I agree, it truly is gorgeous."

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2005 Remembered                                                                                           0105

The airports I visited last year with a few comment on the airport and why I went  there.  Some I visited several times but will list only once.

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How Does an Airplane Smell                                                                          1204

I never thought much of Kris Kristofferson as a singer.  But his word pictures in the songs he wrote are a treasure.  Do you remember “the Sunday smell of someone frying chicken”  line his song title Sunday Morning Coming Down?  Sure brings back memories for me.

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Back In Time                                                                                                    0904

How many of us would go back in time to relive former days of our youth?  We all reflect on times past and enjoy the memories, both good and bad.  It seems I talk of the past more now.  Older people talk more about the past because they have a lot of it.

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We Have the Plane, So Where Do We Go Now?                                           0604

So how do we pilots weave our spouses into the tapestry of our lives as pilots to include large bites of cake and pie for ourselves?  Food, shopping, or entertainment? That’s it!    How about the promise of a trip to the outlet mall and a walk on the beach to be followed by the “Catch of the Day”? 

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How I Met Paul                                                                                                  0504

We had just gotten inside the Sun-n-Fun main entrance and walked to the Experimental Aircraft Association’s merchandise tent when a state of panic prevailed in our small group.

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