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A complete index to the aviation adventures of Don and Anna Miller


If ATC Doesn’t Answer…                                                                                  1006

Our westbound flight included Hohenwald, TN (0M3), Russellville, AR (RUE), Pryor, OK (H71), Pampa, TX (PPA), Flagstaff, AZ (FLG), Needles, CA (EED), and Camarillo, CA (CMA). Our takeoff on October 3 was at 7:55 AM.   Knoxville was blanketed in a white cotton-like layer in the valleys but the horizontal visibility was unlimited! TYS found our IFR flight plan quickly and we were off for the biggest flying adventure of our lives.

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06 Family Reunion                                                                                            0706

The ATIS shared IFR RWY 34 was the only option with scattered at 1200 feet. The 2165’ elevation runway is surrounded by 4064’ west and 4534’ east and 4600’ north mountains.  The controller gave us at least ten heading changes and 5 elevation changes in aligning us for runway 34 ILS. Garmin came to the rescue providing a friendly reminder that the seemingly crazy new instruction stream from ATC made perfect sense. We landed among bolts of lightning and a driving rain.

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Williamsburg, VA                                                                                              0804

For those who have never been to Williamsburg, it can be a challenge to plan your days of sightseeing.  The list of choices is large and the scheduled special events are not the same every day.  In the end we decided to take one day in the colonial town and one day outside in the area.

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Batesville, MS                                                                                                    0704

They worked with me as if I was a long lost fishing buddy to line the 172 up on the ILS Runway 6. It was at this point that I realized my big planning omission. The Tower's first question hit me like a ton of bricks

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Sun ‘n Fun 2004                                                                                                0504

Armed with a filed IFR plan to Waycross my partner Jean-Francois Reat and I began the takeoff roll. The latest outlook and terminal forecast was for VFR over the east coast and so we elected for flight following to Georgia leaving the IFR plan to catch dust.

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Rough River State Park                                                                                    0204

We had a 10 to 15 knot wind out of the east, which gave us a ground speed of 120 knots for half the trip. As we went further NE snow became more evident.

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Virginia Beach, VA                                                                                            1103

We were off at 09:35 with a heading of 080 degrees and a midpoint stop at Martinsville (MTV). I had drawn a 50 mile circle around the midpoint of the GPS direct route and researched the gas and food availability.  MTV seemed the clear winner in overall points.  Having a strong 9,000 foot wind at our backs...

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Tampa, FL                                                                                                          1003

I had been cleared for approach to runway 5, so I continued my descent. Within seconds, I received a call from the tower at SPG with the unexpected instruction to make a right turn and stop descending!

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Historic Moontown Airport                                                                              0903

We had an excellent trip to Moontown Airport Fly-In Breakfast today.  It was IFR above 3500 feet most of the flight south and all of it flying north. My old friend from several previous lives went along with me. He was a Navy pilot and later flew a 182 out of Oliver Springs.

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AirVenture 2003                                                                                                0803

I loaded my two-man tent, air mattress, suitcase, charts and flight bag into N129S and was off at 8 AM on Saturday. After a fuel and rest stop at SQI, I was off again for the last 143 NM and the unique approach procedure used for AirVenture. After reading the NOTAM several times and printing the associated layouts and procedures I felt I was ready.

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Charleston, SC                                                                                                  0703

We just returned from our weekend flights to Charleston and the Outer Banks.  The weather was excellent and the activities exceptional.  The 172 performed perfectly, almost.

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Philadelphia, PA                                                                                                0603

We just returned from Philadelphia. A family event provided a good opportunity to try my new ticket. The forecast was seriously off, as we found ourselves in the soup for 5.5 hours of the six hours to Wings Field. The O-320 and navigation systems performed beautifully.

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Welcome to FatBoyz Aviation.  East Tennessee's best source for regional General Aviation news, trip reports and resources.

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